Best Door Mats for Trapping Dirt

15 Best Door Mats for Trapping Dirt

Most of us dread seeing dirt on our floors, but one cleaning tool prevents it from ever making an appearance, a doormat. Best door mats for trapping dirt will protect your front doors and keep your household looking good.

We all know that investing in the right door mats is vital for homeownership. Often we don’t think about the right tools for keeping the house clean and safe until an emergency arises, like when guests arrive or we are planning a party. That’s when you realize that you will need to spring into action.

By trapping dirt before it gets into your home, you’ll save time spent sweeping and vacuuming. This blog will cover some of the best dirt-trapping door mats you can buy and discuss how they can help.

At a Glance

15 Best Door Mats for Trapping Dirt

If you’ve been searching for a dirt-trapping outdoor doormat, I will make your job easier by cutting through the crap (sorry for the crudeness) and giving you some good options.

Here are the top 15 best door mats for trapping dirt to make the research process easier.

1. Sierra Concepts Front Door Mat (Best Doormat for Cleaning Shoes)

Top Pick
Sierra Concepts Front Door Mat (Best Doormat for Cleaning Shoes)

Sierra Concepts Front Door Mat

The Sierra Concepts Door Mat is an excellent choice for homeowners who want their front doormat to blend in with their decor but keep dirt outside where it belongs.

Our Score: 4.9

Create a welcoming, warm, and stylish entryway to your home, or add design to your store’s entrance, waiting room, or offices with a Sierra Concepts Front Door Mat.

It’s made with high-quality polyester and recycled PVC materials, providing a durable and safe product. Thanks to its ability to withstand high traffic, you don’t need to worry about replacing or cleaning it frequently.

The ribbed design allows it to scrape dirt and debris from the bottom of shoes and trap it in the lines of the mat, keeping your floors clean. This doormat has a super soft feel and pebbled texture, making it ideal for welcoming guests into your home or office.

This mud stop floor mat is unique because it has a simplistic look that makes it versatile for your home or business. It features a non-slip backing that helps secure it to the floor so it won’t slide out of place.

At 30 inches by 17 inches, this mat is small enough to fit in most doorways and provides a wide enough surface area to catch dirt and debris from your shoes. It comes in seven colors to match any home decor.

Not just for the front door, these mats are great for the kitchen, laundry room, bathroom, hallway, and any other location you want to keep clean.


  • Traps dirt and moisture
  • Non-slip
  • Environmental friendly
  • Easy cleaning
  • Multiple colors


  • Some customers are not happy with the size of a mat

2. Gorilla Grip Heavy-Duty Rubber Door Mat

Best Selling
Gorilla Grip Heavy-Duty Rubber Door Mat

Gorilla Grip Rubber Door Mat

This doormat lives up to its name and is made with the best materials, making it strong enough for the job.

Our Score: 4.8

If you’re looking for a simple, durable doormat that is good at scraping off your shoes as you come in and out of the house, try the Gorilla Grip Durable Natural Rubber Door Mat. It’s made of 100 percent natural rubber and is designed to resist mold and mildew.

Unlike similar products on the market, this is the best doormat because it has a premium woven polyester fabric top that is ultra-durable and sports stylish designs to complement any decor.

The highly-durable material won’t break down or compress over time and helps these doormats resist mold or mildew build-up.

The water-resistant doormat features attractive ridges and a premium, natural rubber-beveled border that helps trap dirt before entering your home. The slightly raised polypropylene fabric helps to trap dirt within its patterned grooves while allowing moisture to evaporate.

This rubber door mat is also equipped with a slip-resistant backing to help keep it in place, no matter how often you or your family walk across it.

The mat looks fantastic at your front door or for dirty, wet shoes and paws around your home. Plus, it’s easy to clean. Simply vacuum regularly or shake to remove dirt or grass from the mat. Or clean down with a damp cloth or hose.


  • Sturdy and durable
  • Won’t track fibers into the house
  • Low tight texture
  • Water-resistant
  • Stay in place
  • Easy enough to clean
  • Multiple colors
  • Excellent for high traffic area


  • Smells bad

3. HOMWE Indoor Mat for Front Door (Best Doormat for Removing Dirt)

HOMWE Indoor Mat for Front Door (Best Doormat for Removing Dirt)

HOMWE Indoor Mat for Front Door

THOMWE Mat is stylishly designed with durable all-weather materials that help keep your floors clean, dry, and safe.

Our Score: 4.7

This large utility front door mat helps welcome your guests. Place it outside your front door to scrape off shoes, absorb rain or snow, and stop dirt at the door. You’ll forget how wet, dirty, and unsuspecting your guests were before they walked through your doors.

This high-quality doormat is incredibly versatile and functional when wiping your feet. Its thick weave adds outstanding durability, so the fabrics last longer than thinner fabric mats that get snagged on rough surfaces.

The thicker weave also adds comfort and cushioning underfoot compared to hard entryway floors. It means more comfort while getting ready to greet friends or scraping off shoes after a long workday.

The mat features a thick rubber backing that provides cushioning if you drop something heavy on the floor and is skid-resistant, so there is no more slipping or sliding.

While exceptionally durable, the mats have stitching on all sides and can be used outdoors and indoors. The HOMWE Front Door Mats are ideal for homes with kids and pets, as they can keep your floors clean no matter what your little ones track in.

In addition to its front door use, you can use it in a garage or any other high-traffic area in your home or business.

In terms of drawbacks, some users noted that the mat smells horrible. However, most people reported that they were happy with the quality of this product and found it held up well over time.


  • No slipping
  • Holds the dirt
  • Cleans easily
  • All-weather friendly
  • Thicker and more resilient


  • Rubber smells like old tires

4. GRIP MASTER Rubber Door Mat (Best Dirt Absorbing Mat)

Budget Pick
GRIP MASTER Rubber Door Mat (Best Dirt Absorbing Mat)

GRIP MASTER Rubber Doormat

The GRIP MASTER Door Mat is a heavy-duty, durable rubber mat that keeps dirt and mud outside.

Our Score: 4.8

At 35 by 23 inches, it is one of the largest doormats on the market. It has a rugged surface that grips shoes and prevents slipping. The mat is made from recycled rubber tires, making it environmentally friendly.

The mat’s design allows water to drain through, reducing the risk of mold and mildew build-up. At the same time, the thick bristle on its surface collects dirt and moisture, so you don’t have to worry about tracking anything inside.

It also has an anti-bacterial coating that blocks bacteria from growing on it, so it’s excellent for use around kids and pets. With its slim, low-profile design in sophisticated colors and patterns, this beautiful doormat will make an elegant addition to any entryway.

This dirt-trapping mat is generous, making it easy to place in your indoor or outdoor area. This durable mat is suitable for versatile uses, including indoor and outdoor, garage, pet areas, entryways, garden, kitchen mats, etc.

The GRIP MASTER doormat is the best overall. It’s thick enough to be comfortable on bare feet and durable enough to last season after season. It’s great for trapping dirt and moisture, but it is also easy to clean when you’re ready to remove debris.


  • Seems sturdy
  • Perfect for cleaning muddy shoes
  • Classy colors and patterns
  • Stays in place
  • Works great in high-traffic areas


  • It does not dry off quickly

5. Durable Corporation Entrance Mat (Best Outdoor Door Mat for Trapping Dirt)

Premium Pick
Durable Corporation Entrance Mat (Best Outdoor Door Mat for Trapping Dirt)

Durable Corporation Entrance Mat

Protect the floors of your commercial building from getting damaged by dirty footwear by using this Durable Corporation Entrance Mat.

Our Score: 4.9

The Durable Corporation Entrance Mat is one of the best outdoor door mats for trapping dirt. This mat is made from recycled tires and can be used as an entrance mat or anti-fatigue mat.

This mat’s construction ensures long-lasting durability and won’t leave any residue that might leave permanent marks on your flooring. This outdoor mat provides a healthier, eco-friendly environment by facilitating drainage and keeping dirt out of your business.

It may be used in any application where a tough, resilient mat with outstanding scraping and water retention qualities is needed. You can also use this dirt grabber mat at entrances, production areas, service counters, cash registers, assembly lines, and even under workstations.

Like other trendy door mats, this mat has a unique design that allows small debris to fall through, which helps keep floors clean and safe. Its slim profile rolls up for easy storage and cleaning, perfect for heavily trafficked areas and temporary events. It also creates foot comfort and traction to prevent slips and falls.

Reviewers say that this mud-stop floor mat is highly durable. They’ve used it on their front porches for years, and it’s still going strong.


  • Perfect for rain
  • Very sturdy
  • It cleans nicely
  • Comfortable to walk on, even barefoot
  • Stylish design
  • Environmental friendly


  • No cons to mention

6. REFETONE Indoor Doormat (Best Floor Mat to Trap Dirt)

REFETONE Indoor Doormat (Best Floor Mat to Trap Dirt)

REFETONE Indoor Doormat

The REFETONE Indoor Doormat is an ultra-absorbent doormat that instantly absorbs moisture and dirt from shoes, keeping floors clean and dry.

Our Score: 4.7

Get rid of the traditional doormats that only collect dust and dirt. Use this super-soft, fast-drying mat to prevent your floors from being wet and beaten up by heavy foot traffic.

REFETONE Doormat is the best indoor doormat made with a super soft material that is absorbent, durable, and non-slip. It is 100% thermoplastic rubber, making it safe, eco-friendly, non-toxic, and odorless.

No matter how often the water is stepped on, the mat can quickly absorb it. The waterproof rubber backing also helps keep water and mud from seeping through your floors.

Its corners are tapered to prevent tripping over the mat. The anti-slip rubber backing does not shift or slide on your floor surface, thus offering practical use in high-traffic areas such as doorways and hallways.

The stylish and modern design will fit perfectly with any home decor, adding elegance and charm to any room. This doormat is the perfect solution for homes with pets or kids. This quick-dry doormat is easy to clean and can be tossed into the washing machine when needed.

We looked at three core factors: absorption, durability, and design when we evaluated doormats. After comparing seven models, the REFETONE was the best all-rounder during testing.


  • Nice and thick
  • Soft texture
  • Durable
  • Absorbs dirt and water
  • Easy to wash in a machine
  • Stays in place
  • No footprints on the floor tile


  • A mat might be shedding over time

7. BEAU JARDIN Super Absorbent Door Mat (Best Absorbent Door Mat)

BEAU JARDIN Super Absorbent Door Mat (Best Absorbent Door Mat)

BEAU JARDIN Super Absorbent Door Mat

Are you looking for a durable doormat to trap dirt, dust, mud, and grime from shoes to keep your home clean? This doormat is the perfect choice for you.

Our Score: 4.7

BEAU JARDIN doormat is excellent for residences that want a heartwarming welcome home or business owners as a decor piece to welcome their customers.

This dirt catcher mat is made of 55% cotton and 45% polyester and features a thermos-fused top surface, so the design will never fade or peel off.

It can be a perfect helper for you to clean off snow, mud, water, and dust from your shoes, preventing them from being tracked throughout your house. It is made of super-absorbent fibers and can keep your floors clean and dry.

The non-slip latex keeps the doormat firmly and prevents you from tripping. The low-profile design makes the door easy to open, so you no longer need to worry about door clearance.

This water-absorbent indoor door mat is durable, heavy, thick, and long-lasting, making it ideal for any entrance to your house, bedroom, bathroom, laundry room, or kitchen. You can also place this mat on the balcony, patio, or deck as an outdoor rug or porch mat.

You can throw it in the washing machine to ensure it remains fresh and clean. Even after many uses, the edge won’t get curved, making this dirt-absorbing door mat the ultimate choice for homes with pets or kids.


  • Elegant look
  • Soft texture
  • Keeps the dirt to a minimum
  • Low profile for door opening
  • Stays put on the tile floor
  • Easy to pop in the washing machine
  • Soft and secure
  • Great for heavy-traffic areas


  • A mat might shed

8. GrassWorx Astroturf Doormat (Best Indoor Doormat for Dirt)

GrassWorx Astroturf Doormat (Best Indoor Doormat for Dirt)

GrassWorx Astroturf Doormat

If you’re looking for a doormat that looks good and performs well, GrassWorx is the best option.

Our Score: 4.8

Keep your home cleaner before you ever step foot inside the house. Get rid of the mud and dirt at the entrance with this multi-purpose dirt-trapping doormat.

With scraper blades engineered with AstroTurf, this unique doormat is designed to help remove excess dirt and debris from your shoes and boots before entering your home.

The fibers trap dirt and hold up to 1 pound of dirt and sand below the surface, so it stays out of sight. It also has an anti-skid back, which keeps it firmly in place as you wipe your feet.

This dirt trapper mat is approximately 1/2 inch thick and can also be used as a scraper. It will not crush easily and can be used on all types of flooring, including carpet, tile, hardwood, and laminate.

Welcome every guest to your home with this innovative doormat. This premium mat is durable, fade-resistant, and can withstand all kinds of weather. The mat is designed for indoor use but has a thick enough backing to be used outdoors.

It’s available in many colors and patterns, so you can find one to match your home’s style. Perfect for the patio or garage door, entryways, mudrooms, laundry rooms, etc.


  • Long enough for French doors
  • Anti-slip
  • Good with dogs
  • Catches dirt, leaves, etc
  • Easy to clean
  • All-weather friendly


  • Not suitable to be placed in sunlight

9. Mibao Half Round Door Mat (Decorative Rubber Door Mat)

Mibao Half Round Door Mat (Decorative Rubber Door Mat)

Mibao Half-Round Door Mat

Are you fed up with the doormats being too thin or unable to dry wet feet, slip or collect debris and dust? Now, try this Mibao Half Round Door Mat.

Our Score: 4.7

This attractive, durable half-round doormat is the best outdoor doormat for rain and provides a warm welcome to visitors to your home. It is a versatile, low-profile mat for all doorsteps.

This half-round mat is 100% natural rubber with a polypropylene fabric top to resist weather elements while trapping moisture and dirt within its patterned grooves. The surface is designed to scrape shoes clean, offering great convenience for your family.

This long-lasting outdoor doormat is unique because it has a beveled rubber border that keeps debris from falling off the mat. The non-skid rigid backing is made of recycled materials safe for any floor type, hardwood, tile, laminate, and carpet (but not recommended for high pile carpets).

Sometimes called half-circle doorway mats, Mibao half-round doormats are perfect for those tiny spaces where you need a doormat but have very little space. These entryway doormats come in multiple sizes and colors to accent your home decor beautifully.

Use indoors in entryways, as office desk mats, or in front of kitchen sinks or stand-up desks. Or use it on patios, decks, and garages where you need extra traction.

This mud and dirt doormat is designed to resist mold, mildew, rot, and odors. It won’t fade when exposed to sunlight or rain. It’s also a great choice for pet owners because it quickly absorbs moisture from muddy paws. In addition to this, the doormat is very easy to clean since you can easily wipe or sweep the dirt off.


  • Sturdy
  • Never fade
  • Sustain the sun and rain
  • Pretty colors
  • Non-slip
  • Fits perfectly
  • Easy to sweep off


  • It holds water and takes much time to dry

10. Lifewit Low Profile Door Mat (Best Door Mat to Absorb Water)

Lifewit Low Profile Door Mat (Best Door Mat to Absorb Water)

Lifewit Low Profile Door Mat

It easily stands out as an attractive decor at your front or back door while being durable enough to stand up to high traffic.

Our Score: 4.7

The Lifewit Front Door Mat is an excellent choice for any home. The mat is constructed from high-quality fabric, good scraping abilities, and water absorption.

The Lifewit outdoor rug is the perfect, stylish doormat to welcome visitors. This decorative doormat has a water-resistant coating that keeps the water from spilling.

The non-slip TPR backing technology prevents skidding, allowing you to use it on any surface, such as hardwood floors, tile floors, or carpeting. The front pile has absorbent properties that efficiently scrape dirt and quickly absorb shoe moisture.

This dirt-trapping entry mat is highly effective at scraping dirt, dust, and road salt from shoes, lowering maintenance costs while lengthening the life of your indoor flooring. The low threshold makes it a great doormat for all doorways, including sliding doors and high-traffic areas.

It’s available in three sizes and four colors: black, brown, and gray. With trendy colors and modern design, it will add style to your entrance or patio while being easy on the eyes at the same time.

It is one of the best washable indoor door mats. After years of design and manufacture, this front door mat has been rigorously tested, ensuring it supports multiple machine washes without deformation or discoloration.


  • Incredibly soft and absorbent
  • Catches a lot of debris
  • No water leaks underneath
  • The mat stays in place
  • Dries quickly
  • Machine washable


  • Thickness is not much impressive

11. SlipToGrip Universal Door Mat (Best Door Mat to Catch Dirt)

SlipToGrip Universal Door Mat (Best Door Mat to Catch Dirt)

SlipToGrip Universal Door Mat

The Universal Doormat by SlipToGrip is crafted to look great and function flawlessly indoors or outdoors.

Our Score: 4.7

The universal doormat is made from durable, durable, long-lasting polypropylene fiber, with a maximum coarseness that helps trap dirt and dust at the door.

It is designed with a thick gripper backing to prevent shifting or sliding, making it safe for kids and pets. Besides this, it is durable enough to withstand heavy traffic without breaking or folding up at the corners.

This dirt-catching doormat can be used both indoors and outdoors. This doormat is great for your front porch or entryway and can be used in any high-traffic area of your home. You can use it as a door rug, a pet feeding mat, a welcome mat, a kitchen rug, a bathroom mat, a laundry room mat, etc.

It’s made from waterproof materials, so you can confidently welcome guests into your home even after a rainstorm. It has an elegant design with many colors, so you can find one that suits your taste.

The extra cushioned surface makes it comfortable to walk barefoot on and prevents water from soaking through. If you get it dirty, cleaning your mat is as easy as spraying it off in the garden or washing it with a hose. No machine is needed.


  • Traps dirt and debris
  • Sturdy material
  • Soft on bare feet
  • It does not slide on hardwood floors
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable with nice padding
  • Fits perfectly
  • The mat lays flat


  • Not thick enough for windy conditions

12. Aoonby Indoor Doormat (Best Mud Trapping Doormat)

Aoonby Indoor Doormat (Best Mud Trapping Doormat)

Aoonby Indoor Doormat

This Aoonby extra-absorbent doormat is the best option to keep floors clean without the hassle of shedding, a rubbery smell, and dirt tracks.

Our Score: 4.7

This doormat will keep your house clean and tidy, but it is also important to keep your family healthy. Imagine walking into your home on a rainy day only to find your shoes soiled with mud and water.

Now imagine walking in through the same door when you own this doormat. The dense fibers of this mat will easily scrape off the dust, water, and mud from your shoes, ensuring that you keep your home clean and dirt-free.

This dirt grabber doormat is not limited to indoor use but can also be used outdoors. It is a multi-purpose solution for all your entryways, offering protection from water, mud, snow, and dust. Its durability is unmatched since it has been made from high-quality materials.

The design features reinforced overlock edges to prevent fraying and a low profile that can easily fit under any door or screen door.

This door mat for sand features a TPR rubber backing that is durable and non-slip, so the mat will stay in place when used on floors, especially in busy areas like entryways or hallways. It means you’re less likely to trip over it or slip on any excess water left behind after leaving the mat.

The microfiber top has a smooth finish that’s easy to clean and will not shed lint all over your floor as you wipe your feet on it. You can also shake off any dirt or wash it by handwashing with soap or put it in the washing machine when needed.


  • Perfect size
  • Durable and absorbent
  • Anti-slip rubber backing
  • Flattened out nicely
  • Beautiful color pattern
  • Vacuums well and machine washable


  • Thickness is not much impressive

13. WaterHog Doormat (Best Doormat for Gravel)

WaterHog Doormat (Best Doormat for Gravel)

WaterHog Doormat

A favorite among everyone from homeowners to hoteliers, this model looks and feels like an expensive mat but comes at a relatively affordable price.

Our Score: 4.8

A Waterhog entrance mat is the first thing your guests see when they enter your facility, so it helps create a positive first impression.

This rubber door mat features a unique bi-level design that traps moisture and debris underfoot in recessed channels, naturally reinforced by rubber “waffle” borders. These borders also create a water dam, keeping dirt and moisture off floors.

This anti-dirt doormat can handle the heaviest foot traffic. Its sturdy characteristics make it resistant to staining and fading, so it always looks great in your home or office. Its beveled edges prevent tripping hazards, so you won’t be walking on eggshells.

It features an SBR rubber backing to keep it in place, and the durable PET fabric has a coarse texture that dries quickly and is abrasion-resistant, thanks to mold and mildew-resistant treatments.

One thing to note about this mat is that it can be challenging to clean. You can’t just run it through the washing machine or hose it down. The best method is to use a vacuum with a soft brush attachment. You can also remove stains by applying club soda or carpet cleaner.


  • Durable
  • Attractive design
  • Practical and easy to clean
  • Stays in place
  • Protects the floor from water
  • Eco-friendly


  • The size might be too small for some places

14. Amagabeli Outdoor Door Mat (Best Door Mat to Catch Sand)

Amagabeli Outdoor Door Mat (Best Door Mat to Catch Sand)

Amagabeli Outdoor Doormat

Easily scrape off dirt, mud, and snow from shoes with this outdoor mat that is thick enough to withstand rain, sleet, and snow.

Our Score: 4.8

The Amagabeli Outdoor Door Mat is a good option for people who want an all-purpose doormat to use outside their home or business. It gives you a warm welcome to wipe your shoes before entering your home and also allows you to keep them safe from every wear and tear.

This outdoor mat for rain is made of high-quality grass, capturing mud and dust without harming the floor underneath. The rubber border forms a retention dam to trap moisture, mud, and other messy unwanted debris.

It can dry quickly, so the doormat will not hold any moisture. The indoor entry rug lay flat without curling up at the corners. The non-slip rubber back stays in place and protects your hardwood floors from scratching and damage.

We like this doormat because of its versatility. You can use it outside your home to catch dirt and debris people track in or place it inside your business so customers can wipe their feet before entering.

This rubber-backed doormat stays in place due to its weight rather than adhesives or grips. Its sturdy design also won’t fade, crack or discolor over time, unlike many other mats that can lose their color after one season of exposure to the elements.

Additionally, the mud-stop floor mat is easy to clean. Just shake the mat, sweep with a broom, or rinse the mat outdoors with a garden hose.


  • Sturdy
  • It lays flat
  • Durable and water-absorbent
  • Large enough for front doors
  • It does not slide on ceramic tile floors
  • Thick enough texture
  • Dries quickly after rain


  • Not completely odorless

15. Coco Coir Door Mat (Best Non-Slip Door Mat)

Coco Coir Door Mat (Best Non-Slip Door Mat)

Coco Coir Door Mat

Tough, durable, and naturally beautiful, the Coco Coir Door Mat is a must-have to beautify your entryways and mudrooms.

Our Score: 4.6

Many people have never heard of coir before, but this material has been used for centuries to make doormats. Coir is made from the husks of coconuts and is excellent at trapping dirt and absorbing moisture.

This natural coir door mat features 100% pure coconut coir and works as a shoe scraper, catching moisture and dirt at the door to keep the mess outside.

Its 0.6” thickness makes it ideal for wiping away dirt and grime from shoes before roaming all over your clean floors. This mat will be a wonderful gift for friends and family and a welcome addition to any home.

The high-grade backing prevents the mat from slipping and makes it perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Plus, the all-weather material will withstand every weather condition so that this mat can be used year-round.

Plus, since the coir sheds when unrolled, you can use this mat in your most traveled areas without worry or hassle.

The coir doormat has an attractive look and is occasionally made to resemble other materials. Although it’s not as tough as rubber or synthetic fiber mats, it is still quite durable and easily matches the elements.


  • Appealing look
  • Fits perfectly
  • No slipping
  • Catches dirt


  • Not much durable
  • You can’t avoid shedding

What to Consider Before Buying the Best Dirt Trapping Mats?

Doormats are essential household items that allow people to wipe off their shoes before entering. The best doormat is the one that fits your unique needs and preferences, so you want to consider several factors before making a purchase.


Size is often the first thing to consider when looking for a doormat for your home. You want to ensure it’s big enough to accommodate your needs without sticking out so far from your door that it becomes a tripping hazard.

For that reason, you’ll want to measure the area around your entryway before buying anything.


Material is also crucial to consider when purchasing a doormat. Mats made from rubber or coir are good choices because they tend to be moisture-resistant and catch dirt and debris better.

Indoor mats are usually made with materials like polypropylene or cotton. These materials may be less durable but come in more colors and patterns, allowing you to choose something that matches your decor style better.

Dirt-Trapping Ability

If you have a lot of foot traffic in and out of your home, a doormat that traps dirt and mud is necessary. Some mats, such as doormats made with natural coir fibers, are far better at removing dirt from shoes than others.

You can even find certain mats with grooves that allow water and mud to fall off the sides or through the cracks, which helps keep things neat.


For example, if you have a dark-colored front door, opt for a light-colored mat; if you have a light-colored door, look for something with darker hues.

It will make the mat more visible and help prevent tripping hazards. Another option is choosing a multicolored mat that ties in different colors around your home’s exterior.

Weather Resistance

If your doormat will be exposed to a lot of wind, rain, or snow, choosing one that can withstand all weather conditions is essential.

For instance, some indoor/outdoor mats are made with rubber that prevents slipping, warping, and fading when exposed to moisture and extreme temperatures. Alternatively, you can choose a material like coir that naturally repels water.


The price of doormats can vary drastically based on the size and material of the mat. In general, coir and jute mats tend to be more expensive than those made from rubber or synthetic fibers.

But before you pick solely based on price, consider how long the mat will likely last. An expensive mat made from quality materials may save money in the long run since it will last longer than an inexpensive product that needs replacing more frequently.

Easy to Clean

A good doormat is easy to clean. You should be able to clean it easily without soaking up all your time.

Our Recommendation

Gorilla Grip Rubber Door Mat

Gorilla Grip Rubber Door Mat

  • Woven polypropylene fabric
  • Rubber beveled border
  • Soft and flexible
  • Dries quickly

Final Words

There are plenty of mats that will help you trap dirt and water where it belongs. Make sure you look for the qualities that matter most to you in a mat, such as design and material.

So, which dirt trapper doormat do we recommend? Our top pick would be the Gorilla Grip Doormat, the best doormat for dirt. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for, and our recommended options are durable, long-lasting mats that will last a long time.

However, if you’re looking for an affordable option, go with the GRIP MASTER Doormat. In addition to its dirt-trapping abilities, it is highly durable.

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