Can You Cut a Chair Mat

Can You Cut a Chair Mat?

Can you cut a chair mat? It’s been a common question for years because office and commercial furniture constantly change.

Workspaces and home offices are becoming more advanced by the day. The days of cramped, boring spaces are long gone, but so are the days of dull, outdated furniture.

If you’re tired of tripping over the edges of your chair mat, you may want to consider cutting it to size to solve the problem. But can you cut a chair mat with a knife or other common methods?

The first chair mat that I cut had some issues with the cuts. But I didn’t know how to cut a chair mat correctly. This blog will explain how to cut a chair mat without ruining it.

Purpose of a Chair Mat

Chair mats serve several purposes. The two most common are:

Protects Flooring

The chair mat’s primary purpose is to protect floors. Floors can easily become damaged with constant wear and tear. Invest in a chair mat for tile flooring so you don’t have to replace your flooring.

Using a chair mat, you can protect your floors from scratches and dents caused by office chair wheels. Because of all the rolling, these wheels can cause scratches and dents and wear out the flooring over time.

Wearing out the flooring can result in cracks and holes forming on the surface, further aggravating the issue. To keep your floor looking great for as long as possible, consider investing in a chair mat to help protect it.

Easy Chair Rolling

In addition to minimizing stress on floors, chair mats facilitate rolling. Chair mats typically have a smooth surface, so your chair can roll over it easily.

Keeping your chair aligned while you roll may help you avoid strain and injury by reducing pressure on your legs, feet, and back.

Can You Cut a Chair Mat?

Yes, you can cut a chair mat. Some chair mats can be cut easily with household tools. Other chair mats may require more work, but they can still be trimmed with the right tools and techniques.

Although most chair mats are available in standard sizes, some can be custom ordered in various shapes and sizes. For example, if you search for a general-purpose chair mat, you can choose a custom size.

The chair mat material will determine how easy it is to cut and trim. A common material used for chair mats is PVC. PVC materials are usually durable, flexible, and lightweight, making trimming relatively easy.

However, other materials, such as vinyl or polypropylene, make up some chair mats. These two materials are often more difficult to trim than PVC, but not impossible.

With the right tools and materials, anyone can customize their office space with a custom-sized chair mat.

How to Cut a Chair Mat without Damaging it?

If you need to cut down the size of your chair mat to fit a smaller area or the size of your office chairs, it’s important to use the right tools.

Cutting Your Chair Mat with a Knife

You can easily cut a chair mat using a knife by following the below steps:

Step 1 – Measuring the Area

First, you need to measure the area where you want the chair mat. Add 2 inches to each side of your measurements for enough room for error. It will ensure that placing the chair mat will cover all of your carpeted or hardwood floors.

Step 2 – Marking the Chair Mat

Second, mark the area on your chair mat with a pencil. Draw a line around the edges of the mat to know exactly where to cut. Make sure that this line is neat and even so that it’s easy for you to follow later on.

Step 3 – Cutting Along the Line

Then, using your utility knife or glass cutter, start cutting along your marked line on the backside of the mat. If you’re using a glass cutter, be careful not to let it slip since it can break into the top of your chair mat and ruin it.

Be sure to cut on a hard surface, as this will help give you good clean lines.

Cutting Your Chair Mat with A Saw

When using a saw, ensure you have a long enough blade to reach through the entire width of the chair mat.

Using the saw, start cutting from one side of the chair mat. Ensure that you are cutting it at an angle of 45 degrees. It would be best if you made a couple of cuts before removing the excess plastic material hanging out after completing your first cut.

Will the Cut Edges be Sharp?

Yes, but only slightly. You won’t notice sharp edges unless you run your hand along them. But it will keep you from rolling against them in your chair.


Hopefully, you have now been able to cut your chair mat to fit your personal needs. If so, that is great. Just be careful and measure twice so that there are no surprises. If you get your mat cut perfectly, it will make a difference when you sit down at your desk.

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