How to Shampoo Car Mats

How to Shampoo Car Mats? (3 Simple Steps)

Thinking about shampooing your car mats? If you have rubber or fabric car mats, an old trick for making your car look new is to shampoo them. Unfortunately, we can’t shampoo everything in life, so finding out how to shampoo car mats should be your goal.

So, do you need a unique product? Can’t you use the same old shampoos, cleaners, and conditioners in your hair?

Shampooing car mats is not as complex as it may seem. This article will review some essential aspects of washing your car’s carpeting.

Materials Needed for Shampooing Car Mats

The first thing you’ll need is a water hose. If you don’t have one, you can use a bucket of water or rinse the car mats in your bathtub.

Next, get an old towel and lay it flat on the ground next to your vehicle. The towel will help protect your car’s mats from getting ground dust while cleaning them.

A sponge or scrub brush, both of which can be purchased at your local store.

How Often to Shampoo Car Mats?

Shampooing your car mats is vital to keep them clean and look new. It would be best to shampoo your car mats once every two weeks. It will keep them looking clean and fresh.

If you have a black car mat, you should shampoo it every month. If you have a white or gray car mat, shampoo it twice a month.

How to Shampoo Car Mats?

Following are the steps for shampooing your car mats:


Spray the shampoo directly onto the mat, starting at one end and working across until you reach the other. Be sure to spray all sides of the mat.


Allow the shampoo to sit on the mat for 10-15 minutes, then rinse with warm water.


Squeeze excess water from your car mats using a soft rag or towel, then allow them to air dry completely before placing them in your car.

Video Guide for Shampooing Car Mats

YouTube video


Knowing how to shampoo car mats is essential because it isn’t tricky, and you’ll feel better about your car looking presentable. And it’s not just for mats. You can use shampoo on your seats and carpets as well.

Your car mats will not last forever. Treat and clean them correctly, and they can last for several years. Remember this guide to doing it right the next time you need to shampoo your car’s carpeting.

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