What is a Lip on a Chair Mat

What is a Lip on a Chair Mat?

A lip on a chair mat is one of the most overlooked things when buying the best chair mat. While it might not seem like much, it plays a significant role in protecting your floor.

A lip on a chair mat is an extra piece of material attached to the chair mat to cover the gap between the carpet and where the chair butts up against it. This lip prevents the chair mat from sinking into the carpet or floor, and the lip is what wears out first.

One of the common mistakes people make with chair mats is not having a lip on the mat. Instead, they have a chair mat that has a smooth surface.

It can leave parts of your floor unprotected. To clarify, here is more information about lips on a chair mat and why you should get one for your business.

What is the Purpose of a Lip?

The purpose of a lip is to keep the chair mat in place. The mat may look like it is just sitting on the floor, but a lip runs along the bottom.

This lip keeps it firmly attached to the floor and prevents it from slipping or moving around.

When you have a lip on your chair mat, you can put your feet up and relax without fear of sliding off or moving around in your seat.

You can also confidently lean back against the wall, knowing that you won’t fall over or move away from sitting where you’re supposed to be.

How Big Should the Lip Be?

The lip should be big enough to cover the gap between your carpeting or flooring and where it meets with your chair’s bottom frame. The size of this gap will vary depending on your particular chair and its design.

For example, if your chair has wheels, you’ll need to ensure enough room for those wheels when they move forward and back during use.

If you have a more significant gap between your carpeting and where it meets with your chair’s bottom frame, you’ll need a more extended lip to cover this larger space.

How Do You Measure Chair Mat with Lip?

There are two ways to measure your chair mat with a lip. The first way is to measure the width of your chairs and add an inch for each side of the mat if you want them to fit snugly against the wall.

The second way is to subtract 2 inches from the total length of your chairs and add an inch for each side if you want them to fit snugly against the wall. These measurements will help ensure you get the perfect fit for your restaurant or business.

The overall size of your chair mat will vary depending on what size lip you need. For example, if you want a 3″ lip, it would be 3″ wider than the actual size of your mat. The same applies to 5″ or 7″ lips.

Chair Mat with Lip vs No Lip

Chair Mat with Lip

The most common chair mat has a lip around the edge, which helps keep your office clean by catching debris from shoes and wheels. A lip also prevents chairs from rolling off the mat and onto your flooring.

Secondly, you need a chair mat with a lip to protect your office floors.

If you don’t want to worry about spills or other messes when people eat at their desks, you’ll also need a chair mat with a lip around it.

Chair Mat with No Lip

The second type of chair mat has no lip and is the most economical and functional type of chair mat. These are typically used for carpeted areas since they fit tightly against the carpeting.

Chair mats with no lip are also great for preventing slippery areas in an office building so that people can safely walk across them without slipping or falling onto the floor below them due to moisture from rain.

Pros and Cons of Chair Mat with Lip

Some pros and cons of using chair mats with lips include the following:


  • It prevents dirt from falling off chair mats onto the floor below.
  • It keeps carpeting protected from damage caused by dragging chairs across them.
  • Chair Mat with Lip can also be essential for high-traffic areas where chairs are constantly being pushed around by people who don’t know how to use them properly.
  • It’s also beneficial if you have small children who like to play on the floor or run around in their socks.
  • The lip prevents you from accidentally running into your desk chair and getting hurt because you hit something sharp instead of rolling over it smoothly, like you should be doing when seated at your desk.


  • Some people find that a lip-style chair mat is not as comfortable as other options because it can make people feel like they’re sitting higher than they are, which can cause back pain over time.
  • If you don’t need protection for your flooring, then it doesn’t make sense to buy a chair mat with a lip when there are plenty of other options available that won’t cost you as much money but will do just as well protecting your floors from damage caused by chairs with wheels.


While the name may sound funny, Lip on a Chair Mats is handy and necessary for businesses that hold frequent events. The lip on a chair mat is a protective barrier between the chair and the floor.

The lip should prevent rug burns, scuffs, and other damage to your desk or office chair. They are a great addition to your business, especially if you’re hosting smaller events.

They protect your floors from scratch marks and spills, and these chair mats also help keep your floors clean and looking beautiful. Everything’s better with a little cushion beneath you, especially true for the office.

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