Are Bathroom Rugs Out of Style

Are Bathroom Rugs Out of Style?

Are bathroom rugs out of style? My friend asked this question recently, and I was quite intrigued by it.

The home decor industry has seen a lot of trends over the last decade, but one place where they have been slower to catch on is the bathroom. Bathroom rugs have been on the fringes of the conversation and have not received much attention in the design world.

There has been a long history of bathroom rugs in the industry. Bathroom rugs are essential if you want your hardwood floors to stay clean.

There have recently been new products created for bathrooms, like mats for the shower area, which basically extend the concept behind bathroom rugs, this time to the shower area.

This blog will examine bathroom rugs, why we have them, and whether we need them today. Also, we’ll see if bathroom rugs are going out of style any time soon.

Are Bathroom Rugs Out of Style?

Rug in a Bathroom

Bathroom rugs can be used to coordinate the entire look of your bathroom, even though many bathrooms have several different types of surfaces.

Rugs in bathrooms can also improve safety in slippery areas or add some much-needed color to a boring bathroom.

When we bought our current house, one of the first things I did was go out and buy a big bathroom rug. It was white and fluffy and instantly gave our bathroom a little luxury.

Sadly, it’s time to retire the rug, but not because it needs to be cleaned or worn out. The truth is that bathroom rugs are just out of style.

Yes, you read that right. In today’s modern design and the minimalist world, bathroom rugs are on the way out.

A few years ago, I had a decorating session with a client who wanted to get rid of her bathroom rugs. The way they protected her floors from water damage and made the space comfortable at first made me think she was crazy.

But after a bit of research and seeing how many contemporary bathrooms were without rugs, I decided that she was right; those rugs had to go.

For those of you who have been thinking about updating your bathrooms, now is the time to get rid of those old rugs.

Why Are Bathroom Rugs Outdated?

Toilet rugs have been around for hundreds of years. They come in different materials, colors, and patterns. However, bathroom rugs are outdated for several reasons.

Bathroom Rugs Are Hard to Clean

Bathroom rugs are difficult to clean. Although you can wash them, they will not always come out perfectly clean. They also take a long time to dry out after washing them.

It is especially true if you wash them in cold water and hang them up to dry. Rugs that are not regularly washed can also become breeding grounds for bacteria and mold.

Bathroom Rugs Can Be Slippery

Toilet rugs can be slippery when wet, making it easy to slip and hurt yourself. There are some non-slip mats that you can put underneath the rug to prevent it from slipping, but these mats are not always practical.

Certain types of bathroom flooring have anti-slip surfaces that reduce the likelihood that you will slip on wet spots. Vinyl tiles and laminate wood flooring with textured finishes are examples of these types of floors.

Why Do We Need Bathroom Rugs

The truth is that new bathroom rugs can make your bathroom look a whole lot cleaner. However, there are some other reasons why you should consider getting a new rug for your bathroom.

Why Do We Need Bathroom Rugs

As you may know, the main reason for getting rugs for your bathrooms is to keep them clean. You do not want to walk into a dirty bathroom with dirty carpets and not know what you will find out there. It’s always a good idea to know what kind of mess you will deal with before it happens.

Another reason bathroom rugs are important is that they can help protect your bathroom floor. Also, they keep dirt and grime off the floor, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning up once the rug is removed.

You will be less likely to leave messes behind on your floor, making it easier to clean up after yourself once you finish cleaning up.

Lastly, bathroom rugs are considered necessary because they can also help keep the rest of your home from looking dirty.

Where to Place Bathroom Rugs?

It is no secret that bathroom rugs can add color, comfort, and style to your bathroom. The question is, where do you put bathroom rugs? It can be tricky, especially if you have a small bathroom. Below are some tips:

In Front of the Bathtub

If your bathroom is big enough, it is best to place a rug in the middle of the bathtub and toilet, but if it is small, it is better not to use a rug at all.

In Front of the Sink

You can place a rug between the sink and the toilet if there is space.

In Front of the Vanity Counter

If you stand for long periods in front of the mirror, placing a rug right in front of or under the vanity counter or sink area can be nice so that your feet are comfortable.

Outside the Shower or Bathtub Area

You can always place a non-slip mat outside your shower or bathtub area so that you have something warm and soft to step on when you get out of them.

When to Use a Rug in Your Bathroom?

Rugs are essential if you have children, especially young ones. Baths are very slippery when wet, so putting down a rug will give them something soft and absorbent to step on when they exit the tub. It is also helpful for adults who step out of the bath with wet feet.

If you live in a cold climate, placing a rug next to the tub or shower can also be beneficial. Getting out and stepping onto cold tile is never fun.


So are toilet contour rugs out of style? Perhaps not, but they are less popular now than they used to be. There may be a few reasons for this.

The bathroom rug is no longer needed for keeping your feet warm. In a bathroom that has become cold enough to worry about bare feet, many people wear slippers instead.

A second reason bathroom rugs have fallen out of favor is that better options have emerged for keeping the floors clean. The mat is still effective at trapping dirt and preventing slips, but it doesn’t look very nice in such an essential home part.

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