Why Do Cats Like Yoga Mats

Why Do Cats Like Yoga Mats? (8 Wierd Reasons)

We all love our cats and find them incredibly adorable. Their cute meows and playful nature make us go ‘aww’ over and over again, but why do cats like yoga mats? It’s unclear what attracts cats to yoga mats.

Maybe it’s the feel of the mat, the way it looks like a giant mouse, or perhaps they like sleeping there because it makes them feel calm and serene.

Cats and yoga mats go together like peanut butter and jelly, or, more accurately, like catnip and cat toys. Cat owners know that cats are attracted to certain scents, such as wool, leather, and sweat (gross), but why do cats love the scent of yoga mats so much?

Regardless of why they love yoga mats, cats love to sleep on them, and their owners love to take videos of them doing so. This article explores the reasons behind this strange attraction between cats and yoga mats.

Why Do Cats Like Yoga Mats?

Cats prefer to stretch out on the largest and most comfortable surface available to them. Still, it turns out that yoga mats have an important characteristic that makes them irresistible to our feline friends.

Below, you will find why cats love yoga mats.

1. Yoga Mats are Soft, and Cats Love Soft Things

Yoga Mats are Soft and Cats Love Soft Things

It’s common knowledge that cats like to sleep on soft things, but it can be a bit of a shock to see where they want to nap. A yoga mat is exceptionally soft and, therefore, attractive to cats.

Almost everyone knows cats are notorious for stealing warm places to sleep. You may find them sleeping on the mat at the studio or in the car when you pick up a friend. My cat, for instance, loves to lay on my duvet cover right next to me at night when it is nice and warm.

With a yoga mat, your cat has a comfortable soft surface to lie on when it wants to relax or sleep. Even better, you can give your cat some catnip while they are lying down on your yoga mat. It might be what they need.

2. Yoga Mats have a Scent that Cats Love

Cats Love the Scent of Yoga Mats

Cats enjoy smelling new things, scratching them, and sleeping on them. Yoga mats have a scent that cats are crazy about, and it’s not just the texture.

There is a compound in yoga mats similar to the smell of catnip. Hence, it is appealing to kitties. It seems that most cats enjoy lying on the mat or playing around it because it’s an excellent place for them to get exercise.

It’s a great idea to use these mats as cat toys. Your cat will enjoy it. Nonetheless, cats have been known to ruin more than one yoga mat by scratching and even peeing on them.

One thing to mention, not every yoga mat smells. There are some yoga mats that don’t smell and are preferred by expert yogis.

3. Kitties Enjoy Being Close to You

Kitties Enjoy Being Close to You

Cats like to be close to their owners as they feel safe and secure when they are nearby. They love staring at us and observing our every move. When we’re doing something as relaxing and enjoyable as yoga, they want to be close to us. That’s why they like to hang out on our mats.

Additionally, kitties also like the ground level. The yoga mat is just one item that gives the cat a sense of security, warmth, and comfort. It’s because cats like to feel safe and secure from above and below, an ideal situation for many felines.

4. Your Cat Enjoys Watching You Exercise

Your Cat Enjoys Watching You Exercise

The cats enjoy watching you exercise and find it entertaining to see you stretch. Your cat enjoys watching you perform all these poses, whether you are stretching, doing a headstand, or the downward dog pose.

In fact, they’re so entertained that they try to get a piece of the action by laying it down on your yoga mat. Cats like to lay on your yoga mat for two reasons; first, they seek warmth, and second, they want to be right where the action is.

5. Maybe They Want Attention

The Cats Want Attention While Yoga

We all know cats love attention and can be very jealous. If they feel left out, they will likely try to get involved in whatever you do to gain your attention.

There are stories of people’s cats getting under their blankets or even in bed when they start doing something like yoga or knitting.

If your kitty desires some of your attention, a yoga mat is an excellent place for her to lie down because it protects her from people walking by and other pets in the home.

She can see everything that is going on without feeling vulnerable. When she turns over onto her back, she has a solid surface under her tummy where she can feel protected and secure.

6. The Mat Becomes a Focus

Yoga Mat Becomes a Focus for Cats

Your cat loves a yoga mat because it could become a focus for her. It is especially true if she has just joined your household or family. Cats, especially kittens, are naturally curious creatures. They want to familiarize themselves with their surroundings and find out more about the people and animals around them.

The mat may be a safe place for your kitten if she feels frightened or threatened by another animal or person in the area.

7. Maybe Their Paws Like the Feel of it

Cat Paws Love the Felling of Yoga Mats

Cats are notoriously difficult to understand. They like to do things you wouldn’t expect cats to do and have preferences that perplex their owners.

Cats prefer yoga mats because of their texture and feel. A soft surface mimics how a cat would feel on the ground outside. Due to the thin material, cats can quickly grasp the mat without struggling or clawing at its surface.

8. Cats are Natural Yogis

Cats are Natural Yogis

Cats are known for having a high level of energy. To stay active and fit, they are constantly looking for new activities. That is why they still act like kittens at their age.

Cats love to play with weird things, so they like climbing up and down or chasing after yoga mats. The truth is that cats are natural yogis since they love to relax.

Even if they don’t know what a yoga mat is for, they love the feeling of being comfortable on a soft surface.

A cat is generally a playful animal, and one of their favorite pastimes is nibbling on your yoga mat to take a break from their usual routine.


Cats enjoy playing outside and hiding under furniture. We’ve never seen a cat in a yoga class, but our cats love to stare at yoga mats. Perhaps the texture attracts them, or maybe their sense of smell still exists.

Whatever the reason, there’s no denying that cats enjoy yoga mats. If you have a cat at home, you might want to keep your yoga mat around because cats seem to love diving under them.

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