Best Chair Mat for an L-Shaped Desk

Best Chair Mat for an L-Shaped Desk

One of the most significant advantages of having an L-shaped office desk is that it gives you more space to work with. While you get a little more space, it can sometimes create a more cluttered working area.

You might be interested in getting an L-shaped office chair mat to keep things organized. If so, you’re lucky because we have found the best chair mat for an L-shaped desk.

Choosing the best chair mat for your L-shaped desk can be challenging. There are many different models, and their prices range wildly.

These days, many brands want to sell an affordable mat that will ultimately fall apart in six months or less. I’m not too fond of these companies and their shady tricks, so I’ve done all the research for you. Below you will find our comparison table and reviews for the best chair mat for the corner desk.

At a Glance

Best Chair Mat for an L-Shaped Desk

After reviewing all the available mats, these are our top picks for the best chair mat for an L-shaped desk.

1. ES Robbins Chair Mat (Best Chair Mat for Corner Desk)

Best Overall
ES Robbins Chair Mat (Best Chair Mat for Corner Desk)

ES Robbins Chair Mat

The ES Robbins Chair Mat is a high-quality, low-emission item designed to conveniently fit your L-shaped desk and protect your floor.

Our Score: 4.3

The Robbins Chair Mat is a premium choice for protecting your workspace, featuring a 3/4″ thick top layer that acts as an impact-absorbing shock pad. The vinyl surface prevents skidding and sliding, making it easy to get around in your chair.

This chair mat is lightweight yet durable and strong enough to protect a medium pile carpet, helping maintain its appearance for longer. It is designed with an ergonomic shape, allowing you to sit comfortably while gaming or working on your computer.

We love that this small chair mat for the corner desk is made of eco-friendly materials and has no PVCs in its construction. It’s also completely free of harsh chemicals and BPA so that you can rest assured about the safety of your family and pets.

This office chair mat also has a unique Anchor Bar cleat system to keep it in place on your flooring. It means no more bunched-up mats or mats that slide around under your chair.

The cleats are rounded at the edges, so they won’t leave behind any damage to your flooring when you have to make adjustments or move the mat entirely.

Our ES Robbins Chair Mat test had the product standing up to various tasks and still staying strong, showing durability and strength. In addition to this, the mat is of good quality and color, which adds a nice touch to any room’s decor.

Although the ES Robbins only comes with a one-year warranty, its durability makes it worth the purchase. It’s perfect for protecting against wear and tear on floors caused by moving chairs around. You can even use this l-shaped chair mat on a carpet with a medium pile height without worrying about it damaging your flooring.


  • Super shiny
  • Heavy-duty
  • Lays flat quickly
  • Protects the flooring
  • Stays in place
  • Durable
  • Odorless


  • Not suitable for high-pile carpets

2. Generic PVC L-Shaped Floor Mat

2. Generic PVC L-Shaped Floor Mat

Generic PVC L-Shaped Floor Mat

This option is worth looking at for those who want to keep their feet happy while typing and not slide away.

Our Score: 4.1

You don’t need to be an interior designer to achieve your desired modern aesthetic. The Generic chair mat protects your surface from all that rolling action and makes it easy to keep either hard or thin carpeted flooring safe from scuffs and scratches.

It is made of tough PVC plastics for long-term durability and years of protection. The universal fit for L-shaped desks fits snugly against 90-degree corners in any desk setup. Such a shape makes it ideal for office chairs and wheeled furniture and protects your floors can be caused by rolling around on the floor all day.

Its material with non-slip backing keeps the mat in place without sliding around or folding underneath your feet as you walk over it. Nothing will scratch the floor since there are no spikes or anything similar under this mat.

The mat is designed to make a reliable computer chair and desk base. It sits smoothly while rolling on a thin carpet and rests flush on hard surfaces like tile, laminate, vinyl, and wood. You may say it’s the best chair mat on tile floors.

Our testers loved the squishy surface of this l-shaped desk mat with its easily-cleaned surface and lessened feel for their office chair.

Using this non-slip chair mat can save you hundreds on carpet replacement over time, without any hassle or mess of cleaning off carpet dust that washes into your clothing through prolonged use.


  • Unique design
  • Perfect fit for L-shaped desks
  • Protect your flooring
  • Non-slip
  • Transparent coloring
  • Easy chair glide


  • No cons to mention

3. AREIA Space Gaming Chair Mat (Best Chair Mat for an L-Shaped Desk)

AREIA Space Gaming Chair Mat (Best Chair Mat for an L-Shaped Desk)

AREIA Space Gaming Chair Mat

The AREIA Space Computer Chair Mat is the best option for people looking for a mat that will be unobtrusive in the room.

Our Score: 4.5

This mat is made from 100 percent recyclable material and is free of toxic chemicals, so it’s good for the environment and your family. A galaxy or a cosmos inspired the mat’s design, and your chosen color will add boldness to your workspace.

The unique octagonal shape fits desks with L-shaped corners, perfect for gaming setups or offices. It protects your floors from scratches and indentations while absorbing the impact of moving around, prolonging the life of your floors.

This chair mat for an L-shaped desk works best on hard floors like wood, laminate, tile, and concrete, but it can also be used on low-pile carpets if they’re less than 1/4 inch thick. This mat is ideal for use near space heaters or radiators during cold weather with its ability to withstand temperatures.

With noise-canceling technology, it provides the silence you need for working at home or in the office. The mat is also impact-absorbent and can soak up the strain on your legs during those long hours in front of the computer.

It’s also easy to maneuver. Its smooth surface allows your chair to roll easily across it, even if it has a metal base with hard casters.

The rubber backing of this octagonal chair mat helps to ensure that it stays in place on your chair and prevents it from sliding around. No matter how much you move around, one thing’s for sure, this chair mat will keep you happy, calm, and comfortable throughout your day.


  • The chair makes no noise
  • Beautiful design
  • Anti-slip
  • Excellent floor protection
  • Anti-fatigue material
  • Non-toxic
  • Machine washable


  • The mat collects a lot of dust

4. Realspace Chair Mat for L-Shaped Workstation

Realspace Chair Mat for L-Shaped Workstation

Realspace Chair Mat

The Realspace chair mat is the best for an L-shaped workstation. The price is reasonable and just as sturdy and practical as a mat, twice the price.

Our Score: 4.3

This professional-grade chair mat is built with a shock-absorbent foam core in 3/8″ thick clear PVC. The smooth and quiet rolling makes this mat ideal for rolling office chairs and most wheeled chairs.

This workstation chair mat will not mark or damage flooring surfaces and evenly distributes chair weight to reduce lifting. It provides excellent operator control, so your chair moves freely and fluidly across the floor while maintaining ergonometric posture, helping prevent neck or back discomfort from prolonged periods of sitting.

The Realspace L-shaped Chair Mat features rubberized rug grippers at the bottom to help it stay in place, making it perfect for smooth floors.

This office chair mat provides resistance points to prevent chair wheels from puncturing the floor and keep your carpet or hardwood floors in good condition. The non-glare top is easy on your eyes, making it a functional and stylish item.

It’s a good choice for l-shaped desks because the chair’s weight won’t damage it and you won’t be damaging your floor. The mat is easy to clean and doesn’t collect dust or dirt over time to look shiny and new for years.

During our testing, we saw little resistance from our rolling chair in front of this clear mat. While it’s not as thick as some of the other mats we tested, it was still effective at minimizing the impact on our knees.


  • Durable
  • Effectively protect your flooring
  • Non-slip
  • It can be used on medium-pile carpet
  • Smooth chair rolling


  • The chair might leave impressions on the material of the mat

5. ES Robbins Everlife Corner Desk Chair Mat for Hardwood Floors

Budget Pick
ES Robbins Everlife Corner Desk Chair Mat for Hardwood Floors

ES Robbins Everlife Chair Mat

ES Robbins Chair Mat protects your floor, creating a durable, clean surface for rolling your chair across.

Our Score: 4.2

This ES Robbins chair mat is made of clear vinyl to see important features of the mat, like corners, bumpers, and logos while giving you an unobstructed floor surface. It is thicker and offers more protection than standard mats.

With a lightweight design and convenient carrying handle, this corner desk chair mat is easily transported for storage or use in other offices.

This not-too-thick yet heavy-duty mat features long straight edges for a perfect fit for standard desks, L and U style, and other corner-style desks.

The l-shaped chair mat has a unique textured vinyl material that allows your office chair to roll smoothly without the potential scratching and damage that plastic wheels could cause.

The anti-skid textured underside reduces movement, preventing the mat from slipping off the chair leg or moving around under someone’s desk. Its easy grip back keeps the triangular chair mat securely on top of both hard surface floors and carpeted areas.

While it may not be hard enough for cumbersome chairs, this is an excellent solution for basic office-type desk chairs. Overall, it feels like an expensive, high-quality product that will serve well for many years (or at least until someone gets tired of looking at it).


  • Great for tile floor
  • Smooth-rolling surface
  • Low-profile design
  • Large enough for L-shaped desks
  • The mat does not slip on a hardwood floor
  • Non-toxic


  • The mat might not lay completely flat

Buying Checklist

  • Materials
  • Thickness
  • Shapes and sizes
  • Types of flooring
  • Mat design and color
  • Hardness
  • Top surface
  • Non-slip backing
  • Compatibility for L-shaped desks
  • Warranty coverage

Our Recommendation

ES Robbins Chair Mat

ES Robbins Chair Mat

  • Super shiny
  • Protects the flooring
  • Effortless glide
  • Prevents caster damage

Final Words

Make sure you buy a mat that’s not too thin so it gives your feet enough comfort and support. The above list of chair mats is compiled based on our testing and current reviews online.

The mats in the above list have all been rated four stars and above by most of their owners, which means they are very comfortable and durable.

Buy a chair mat that is big enough for both your desk and your chair. Getting a stand-alone chair mat instead of one branded for a specific desk may be tempting, but those mats will almost always be too small.

If possible, measure the surface of your desk area before you purchase the best chair mat for an L-shaped desk to get the one that best fits your needs.

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