How to Cut a Plastic Chair Mat

How to Cut a Plastic Chair Mat Without Damaging it?

Despite the unfortunate name, plastic chair mats are beneficial to protect your carpet against wear and tear. However, they’re not so easy to maintain.

If you have a big desk or need to cut the mat to fit a smaller office space, you may have difficulties cutting it or even don’t know how to cut a plastic chair mat without damaging it.

This article will be a powerful guide for you. You will find the right tools and the appropriate cutting method.

In addition, you can also experience the exciting feeling of cutting something by yourself with your hands, which is quite enjoyable. And this short article will help you do that for free in your room.

Why Do You Need to Cut the Chair Mat?

You may find your current office chair mat too large for your room or insufficient to fit a particular area.

If so, you may need to cut down your chair mat to fit your current decor and design scheme.

Reduce the Risk of Back Pain

To reduce the chance of back pain and other problems, you must ensure that your chair mat is in good shape. It should be able to provide you with comfort and support while sitting at your desk or table.

If it is too big or too small, it will not be able to provide you with this kind of comfort and support. You may even need to cut your chair mat if it has been damaged by heat or cold over time.

Make Your Work Environment More Efficient

Suppose the chair mat is too big for your floor. You may consider getting a smaller one if you have a small office and the mat covers more than half of it.

You also want to avoid having chairs standing on end or overlapping each other when placed on the floor.

It can lead to accidents and injuries, so ensure that all your mats are correctly cut and cover only what they need.

Suppose your chair mat is damaged in any way. A cut chair mat can help protect you from injuries caused by sharp edges or corners that could poke out of the flooring material beneath it.

How to Cut a Plastic Chair Mat?

Plastic chair mats are an economical way to protect floors from scratches and scuffs.

Chair mats can be cut to size easily with standard household tools, but it’s essential to know how much material you’ll need for each mat so you don’t end up with too little or too much.

The steps to cut the plastic chair mat are as follows:


Measure the area to be covered by your plastic chair mat. Use a yardstick or tape measurer and ensure that the measurement includes any corners or curves in the space.


Calculate the number of pieces of plastic you will need based on the surface area of your mat. Measurements should be in feet and inches only.

If your hardwood floor is uneven or has other features that add length or width, such as thresholds or raised door thresholds, include this extra length when calculating how much plastic is needed for your project.


Cut your plastic chair mat using a utility knife with sharp blades and a self-healing mat beneath the material to protect your hands and floors.


Once your mat has been cut down to size, make sure they are lined up correctly depending on what type of hardware you bought with your mat.


Now and then, you must cut a plastic chair mat to fit a different area or remove old, worn-out parts from the bottom of the chair.

At first glance, it doesn’t seem easy because you might think the tank is made up of one whole piece of molded plastic. It is not the case at all.

Follow the guide above to get a proper plastic chair mat with perfect cuts in your desired size.

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